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TMS Testimonials

“This stuff (TMS) made me feel wonderful. Everything went very smoothly.”
“I was very happy with my TMS experience. The staff, especially Melissa and Carissa, were so kind and helpful. The office is clean and it’s convenient to my house.”
“Helped with mood and depression, without it I was a lot worse. Michele was an excellent technician. I’d recommend it to others.”
“TMS is a wonderful tool for help with depression. Within a few weeks, I felt my mood elevate. It was painless and easy! Nicole, the technician was so encouraging and uplifting every day. It was actually a pleasant experience seeing her each day. She is a doll! Along with the treatment, I made the intention to be happy! I set out to do my work because I don’t believe there is a cure in any pill or procedure. I have been to talk therapy for over a year now and think that it has been overlooked on my part for most of my life.”
“Anna is amazing and made this entire process a lot better for me. I was really going through a hard time and she made it a lot easier. The entire office staff is great and really helped me so much.”
“…I found the treatments were bearable and only produced pain as it was initially placed on my head. My therapist, Nicole, who was a total professional, then adjusted the machine over my head and the pain subsided. Nicole and I had wonderful conversations regarding mental health, food, movies, etc. She made me relax during treatment. I found that my mood and anxiety level decreased slightly over the span of treatments. I would say that my depression lessened and I was pleased with this slight improvement…”
“Before coming to this practice, I was overcome with OCD symptoms, and on the verge of despair; yet after the first 2 half-hour treatments I saw immediate improvement. After 20 treatments, I felt immediately better. Of course no machine can ‘cure’ depression or OCD, but this treatment certainly helped.”
“I have suffered from Major Depression since I can remember. I had tried many antidepressants prescribed by various doctors. The medications side effects were unbearable and left my digestive tract a mess. One drug began working but was short term. I resorted to electric shock therapy that worked for a year and then stopped. I did some research on my own and decided to try TMS. TMS is a life changer. After I received TMS therapy, my depression disappeared… I would say within the 4 visits I started feeling a change in my thoughts. Before TMS, I had daily thoughts of ending my life. After TMS, the thought of suicide made absolutely no sense. I am able to focus at work and enjoy life and the people around me. This was a well worth commitment that I made for myself. The staff at Jersey Shore Psychiatric are kind and understanding and straightforward.”
“I was hesitant to starting TMS, but I am so happy that I gave it a chance. I am now much happier than I was before and have the ability to do things I was not able to do prior to the treatment. I am very thankful for the staff’s support, as well.”
“My family and I notice such an improvement in myself after completing the TMS treatment. I could not be more thankful for the staff in supporting me through this process. I recommend this treatment wholeheartedly to anyone with depression.”
“Prior to TMS I tried 6 or 7 different medications. Nothing seemed to work for me. With the encouragement of the doctor and the office staff I decided to give TMS a try. Within the first 2 weeks I felt a decrease in my anxiety and felt more hopeful about my future. I am thankful that I gave TMS a chance, it has benefited my whole life.”
“I had been suffering from depression for over 40 years and had taken various medications to alleviate my symptoms. None of them really made me feel much better. In fact, my symptoms seemed to worsen in the last ten years. Then I saw this one-page information sheet about TMS at the Brick office of Neuropsychology and Counseling Associates where I received counseling. My husband and I discussed the therapy and, even though it meant a large commitment of my time, I was happy to find a new therapy that might improve my quality of life. It didn’t take but a few sessions before I was feeling better. I began getting up in the morning looking forward to the day instead of wanting to stay in bed. Daily naps that had lasted 3 or 4 hours were a thing of the past. As I continued the treatment I began to deal with my issues in my life in a totally different way. I found that my feelings about myself and my life began to improve. Although I do have times that I feel down, they only last for a little while, and I seem to bounce back very quickly. Now that I have finished treatment, I feel like a new woman who has a bright future in store for myself. In closing, I want to thank Melissa, Jenell, Jennifer, and Dr. Abbas who helped me and encouraged me through this process. I don’t know if I could do it without their support. Besides being very competent and professional, I really felt that they cared about my wellbeing.”
“This TMS treatment has reduced my depression greatly. I am very pleased with the results.”
“Since I have had a very positive experience I would be happy to speak with anyone about TMS treatment and my personal experience. “(Contact information will be provided to those interested)
“I started my treatment in May 2016 and am now at the end of my treatment. I was severely depressed when I started. Now I must say my depression is relatively mild and almost completely gone. I am very grateful for TMS therapy as I doubt I would have attained anywhere near the same results with medication. “
“Just when I was at the point where I was resigned to my chronic, major depression, rTMS treatment was suggested to me. After years of resorting to various antidepressant medications, and struggling with the debilitating side effects that seemed to define me, I just assumed that life, as I was living it, would never change. For the first two weeks of rTMS treatment, my doubts and skepticism about its effectiveness did were not diminished. It didn’t feel like it was working. However, one day I was asked how I was doing. And without hesitation, I responded, “Good”. That answer was so immediate that it surprised even me. That feeling was energizing. That awareness was the beginning of subtle, welcomed changes in my life. Simply put, if felt like something heavy, some cloud of unknowing, had lifted from me. I no longer spent hours crying, my emotions were appropriate with life’s challenges. I felt hopeful, content and motivated to pursue this newfound existence. My ability to sustain positive thought, to make decisions, to just accept reality improved with each passing week. Living life in the present is now enjoyable. Appreciating people, places, and special moments is wonderful. Being free from depression is something to celebrate. I credit rTMS for making it possible for me to truly know the meaning of “feeling good” It is a non-invasive, effective treatment for depression. It should be highlighted in any anti-depressant arsenal. I am do grateful that I took this step to create a healthier happier life. ”
“Dr. Abbas and his staff are very caring and attentive to your needs. They fit the TMS to your needs; it is not the “cookie cutter” therapy. I supper from anxiety and depression. TMS has helped me greatly. The TMS technicians are very knowledgeable and caring; they do all they can to help you. “
“I believe TMS has had a positive impact on my mental health. Melissa has been a great help of seeing me through this process to completion. I’m glad that I worked with this team of professionals and am feeling much better in my daily life.”
“I had hoped that this would work for me because I hate to take medications and I could not go on with how I felt. I now feel I want to be a part of life and not shut in as I have been. The staff at TMS are so kind and I feel that they do truly care and want the best for their patients. I cannot thank them enough for their patience and support that they have given to me.”
“In the beginning, I didn’t believe in the TMS treatment. I was skeptical. By the 3rd session, I began to feel differently. I couldn’t identify what I was feeling but I knew it was a good feeling. People around me suddenly started to notice a change. I was more relaxed and calm. I still have my days, but I have very much improved.”
“I had been suffering from deep depression for over 25 years. I have been on countless medications that would work for a short amount of time and then my symptoms would return. I have been on dozens of medications, vitamins, supplements, but nothing worked for me. I saw a brochure at my therapist’s office about TMS and called for information. Melissa was especially helpful answering my questions, getting my records from former doctors, and making sure the treatment was covered by my insurance. The treatments never hurt, and within 2 weeks I felt completely different. I felt like this heavy black cloud had been lifted off of my shoulders and I could breathe again. During and following the treatment I feel like a new person; like I am finally living. I will forever be thankful that I decided to try TMS and forever grateful to the staff for helping me along the way. This was the best decision I have ever made and I think anyone else out there that is thinking about this treatment should try it; it made a huge difference in my life.”


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Dr.Muhammad Ali Abbas MD

Dr. Muhammad Abbas is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist. He is Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey. 

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